Daniel Caesar- Freudian (Album Review)

Daniel Caesar is a Canadian Soul and R&B singer and song writer. He’s from Toronto Canada. I remember when I first found about his music. I was on the phone with a homie of mine, and he asked me if I ever heard of Daniel Caesar. I told him I haven’t heard of Caesar, so he told me to look up some of his music. My friend has good and similar taste in music as I do, so when he refers me to listen to some music I know its going to be quality. After our phone conversation was over with, I logged on to YouTube to see what music I could find regarding Caesar. The first song I came across of Daniel Caesar was “Get you.” I clicked on the link, which so happened to be the video for the song, and I was impressed. The lyrics to the song were great, the harmonies, and the vocals were great. I decided that I was going to listen to more music from Caesar. I purchased his latest Grammy Nominated album “Freudian” and here’s my review.



1.) Get you– The album starts off with the lead single for Caesar’s Grammy Nominated album Freudian. The song features Latin Grammy nominated artist Kali Uchis. This song has a nice feel to it. The lyrics are referring to Caesar admiring his mate as he sings the hook “Who would have thought I’d get you?” The song has a nice vibe to it. This song is my second favorite song on the album, although all of the songs are pretty good. I can see this song being a lot of couple’s wedding song.


2.) Best Part– The first time I heard the song, I listened by mistake. I had been told to give this song a listen, multiple times, but I was so wrapped up in “Get you.” Best part features Soul singer H.E.R. The vibe on this song is very relaxing. It reminds me of a song that can be continuously played in Starbucks, a bookstore, or any coffee shop or cigar lounge. The song features an acoustic guitar in the background along with other instrumentals. H.E.R. lays her vocals on the track first, followed by Caesar. They both express how important and valuable their mate is while using numerous metaphors to describe their love for their mate.


3.) Hold me down– I like this song. It has a very nice vibe to it. I love the bass and drums in this song. This is a song that you can slow dance to. Caesar expresses his interest in a woman he desires. This song actually has two parts to it. Around the 2:40 mark the song switches to a Kirk Franklin-like melody. Caesar’s back up singers sing melodies similar to the melodies in Gospel singer Kirk Franklin’s “Hold me down.” Upon completion of the verse, Caesar and his backup singers sing the hook to Kirk’s song “Hold me down,” word for word. The song has a great feel to it, as Caesar curiously asks his mate if she can hold him down (have his back).


4.) Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song) – This song goes into a continuation of the previous song “Hold me down.” Caesar’s female backup singers harmonize lyrics in a gospel-like melody. The song starts off with the singers expressing their desire for their mate to not leave. Around the 1:30 mark the song changes to a neo-soul type of vibe with Daniel Caesar singing. The switch of melodies and the beat on this song just makes the vibe great. If you were ever into neo-soul, or even singers such as Frank Ocean, you will enjoy this song and the transition.


5.) Loose– This song also has a gospel-like vibe to it. The organ playing in the background on this song is very heavy. Caesar expresses lyrics about his listeners cutting a girl loose if they don’t have patience to deal with her. This song also features a musical transition as the organ disappears and Caesar utters the words “You don’t love me anymore.” His vocal tone reminds me of Canadian Singer Glenn Lewis, on this song.


6.) We find love– This song is a continuation of the previous song “Loose.” This song has a great feel to it. Caesar is expressing his feelings about his mate no longer desiring. The song signifies the end of a relationship. He continues with his lyrics “You don’t love me anymore.” The hook is “We find love, we get up. And we find love, we get up.” The hook is reminiscent of Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin’s “We fall down” song.


7.) Blessed– This song is by far my favorite song on the album. All of the songs are good, but the lyrics in this song makes you think of someone you love, whether it be a mate, friend, family member, pet, or even God. The lyrics from this song that stand out is “Yes, I’m a mess, but I’m blessed to be stuck with you.” Caesar expresses his love and admiration for his mate in this song. Like “Get you,” I can see this song being a wedding song for a lot of people. I feel like this song is a follow-up to the previous songs, where although Caesar left his mate in the previous song, he comes to the realization that he’s blessed to have her in his life. He utters the words “I’m coming back home to you.”


8.) Take me away– This song features one of my favorite artist, Syd from The Internet. The vibe on this song is very similar to the vibe on numerous songs by Syd and The Internet. It has a nice pure R&B feel to it. When the song transitions into Syd’s part of the song, it has a Amel Larrieux type of vibe to it. Caesar and Syd delivered a very a good song together. This song is the perfect combination of soul and R&B.


9.) Transform– This song features Charlotte Day Wilson. This is another song where the cords from an acoustic guitar can be heard very early on in the song. Around the 1:20 part of the song, it transitions into a pure slow jam with amazing vocals from both Charlotte Day Wilson and Caesar. This song has a 90s R&B vibe to it. I love it! I get a feeling of nostalgia listening to the song. This is a song that all lovers of R&B and Soul can vibe to.


10.) Freudian– This song was a great choice to close out the album. Its another slow song, but the vibe reminds me of 90s R&B like the previous song. This song also transitions into a heavy organ gospel-like song. Caesar showed off his vocals on this song. The second half of this song reminds me of a song I heard in church as a child.



Rating: 9.5/10


Who should get this album? Those who are interested in hearing great R&B and Soul music from a modern artist. There’s a reason Freudian is nominated for Best R&B Album, and that reason is because this is a very well put together album. From start to finish, you can play this song all the way through without stopping. If you’re looking for an good album you can play while studying, reading a book, relaxing, driving, or spending quality time with your mate, this album is the album to get. Do not sleep on this album. It is one of the best R&B and soul albums I’ve heard over the last 5 years.



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