Dry skin moisturizing for Black men

All throughout my life I’ve had skin that was sensitive to certain soap products. I started off in my youth using Ivory soap, however Ivory soap used to cause me to itch after I was done washing. Supposedly, Ivory soap is for people with sensitive skin. After my long stint with using Ivory soap, I decided to use Irish Spring Moisture blast. I personally think Irish spring moisture blast is a pretty good smelling soap. To some people, they think it doesn’t smell good at all. After a few years of using Irish Spring, I began to have dry skin. Initially, I paid it no mind, but after a while it started becoming an issue.



I decided it was time to leave Irish Spring for good and switch over to another soap. I figured, another soap has to rid my dry skin issues. Taking advice from some friends and reading on the internet, I decided to try Dove soap. Initially, Dove soap got the job done. My skin felt moisturized after I got done washing and I felt like I was home free. However, I decided to stop using Dove soap and any other soap, after I was given a new soap to try.

The soap is Alaffia’s Triple milled Shea Butter soap.  Alaffia’s soap is a natural and it leaves my skin feeling great. Not only that, the soap has a great scent to it. Prior to Alaffia, I was having some plumbing issues from using the other soaps that I used after Ivory. However, Alaffia’s soap washes down the drain with ease, while leaving no residue. I recommend this soap to both men and women who have dry skin problems, or those who are looking to try a new soap that’s natural. I won’t be returning back to other soaps after using this soap.


Check out Alaffia’s soap below:


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