The Most Comfortable Sneaker

A few months back, I was looking for a shoe that felt good on my feet. I often browse Nike for shoes and apparel. While on Nike I came across some sneakers that caught my eye. These sneakers changed the way I feel about knitted shoes.

The sneakers I came across are the Jordan 1 Flyknit Bred. I was attracted to the sneaker right off the bat. I’ve always been a fan of Jordan 1s, so when I saw they made a Flyknit pair in one of my favorite colors of bred, I knew I had to purchase a pair. I decided to log on Nike’s snkrs app during the release, and luckily I was able to purchase a pair before they sold out on the app.

Now, Jordan 1 is normally a leather shoe, but Nike decided to switch up the style of the shoe and add a twist. The twist they added was a Flyknit outer material, and a leather foot padding inside of the shoe. The Jordan 1 Flyknit is the most comfortable sneaker I have ever tried on, worn, and purchased. The shoe is so comfortable, you literally feel like you’re walking on pillows when walking in the shoe.


The flyknit makes the sneaker more breathable. You have that extra foot-room needed for comfort. Since the outside of the shoe isn’t leather, the flexible flyknit literally gives a feeling of walking around in a pair of house shoes. After this purchase, I vowed to purchase any other pair of Flyknit Jordan 1’s Nike releases.


These are by far my most comfortable shoes. If you’re ever out at the mall and come across them in a shoe store, be sure to try them on and walk around the store in them. You’ll understand what I’m referring to.


All Photos: Hello Nell

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